Illegal Immigration and Universal Health Care for Random Thoughts Tuesday

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I was tickled pink last week to see that my rant on illegal immigration in America is something that most everyone agrees on.

I think it's probably the one issue that can literally bring Americans (the legal ones) to the brink of something similar to world peace; just on a national level.

Or the ones who don't agree had enough sense to see they were outnumbered and kept their mouth shut. ;)

You've got an estimated 15 million illegals in this country and the hot topic of universal health care brewing on Capitol Hill.

So what do they have to do with each other?

Well, if Obama and his brown-nosing Congress gets their friggin' way...a lot!

In this Universal Health Care plan that Obama is trying like a madman to push through - to the point of sounding like a broken freakin' record - insurance will not only be provided to Americans (yippee! *rolling my eyes*) but to illegal immigrants too.

Oh boy! Not only do they get to live here without paying federal taxes, contributing to the social security and medicare funds, and pop out anchor babies that then insure them food stamps and similar benefits, but now we're going to reward their CRIMES (for the dense: illegal = crime), by signing them up on an AMERICAN FUNDED insurance program.

When we're all waiting in line for own health care after ObamaCare goes into effect, better look around and thank all those illegals you see in line too - after all, they just made you wait a little bit longer.

And how long did they wait for all these benefits?

None. Nada.

They want all the benefits of an American, but they sure don't to be an American.

That might require them to wait.

Why bother? We just keep rewarding them for sneaking over here under the cover of darkness.
And we're about to do it again with a universal health care plan.

Even those who support a universal health care plan don't support giving it to illegals. As a matter of fact, 70% of health care plan supporters are in disagreement with illegals receiving the benefit.

Get that Congress? Hear that Obama?

NOBODY, except a few people still running around with their head up their butts, wants it to reward criminals!!

And for those who haven't figured out that the head is supposed to be well above the rear, don't give me that old song and dance about illegals coming here for a better life. Because the truth is, while they're running here ILLEGALLY in the name of bettering their life, they are destroying for those of us here LEGALLY - which eventually will ruin it for them too.

But what will they do? They'll run back to Mexico (or wherever they're from). Just as I've heard others who are living here legally yet not citizens say that, if American health care gets screwed up much like their own countries (read: Canada and New Zeland, as two examples that come to mind), they'll just return home because private care there, if needed, will be cheaper than in the U.S.

Must be nice. As a born and bred American, I don't have any where to run away to. I have no choice but to stick out. After all, other countries won't let me just pop in and start sucking off their system.

Yep, my homeland is definitely the land of opportunity; that's for sure. It's the only place on earth that refuses to acknowledge illegal immigration as a crime then not only fails to punish it, but rewards it.


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Keely July 21, 2009 at 2:58 PM  

That was...rather focused, for a Tuesday ;)

Shana July 21, 2009 at 3:02 PM  

Right there with you!

Shana July 21, 2009 at 3:07 PM  

Ok I just have to say something else here. My son broke his arm when he was 14 months old. We didn't have insurance on him because my hubby had just changed jobs and we couldn't afford their insurance and we could not afford cobra. I went to try to get emergency assistance medicaid, just temporary because he had to see an orthopedic doc. Do you know they told me that the only emergency medicaid was for illegal immigrants?!?!?!?! I said a mouthful, let me tell you. I just found it so sad that my hubby works his tail off and pays n a buttload of taxes and we couldn't even get help for our infant son because we are actual Americans and not illegal. How is that right? We don't suck off the system even though we barely have food in the house sometimes and recently we had no food and had help from our church and my parents to eat. yet we don't qualify for help. Go figure. We are better now and my son is covered under our state's kids insurance program for middle income families, which I am so thankful for but still it is just wrong. Ok I will get off my soapbox now.

The Laughing Idiot July 21, 2009 at 9:05 PM  

Hot damn! I am so sick of this administration - I didn't vote for him in the first place. It makes me sick how much government thinks they need to have a hand in everything. Keep your dirty paws off!

It's going to make me sad to sell my house in Pleasantville so that we can move to Australia - they seem to be the last "reasonable" government out there.

Whew! Felt good to get that off my chest. I almost never spew on political stuff, I'm too much of a people pleaser normally.

ModernMommy July 22, 2009 at 4:45 PM  

Can't we just love each other? Seriously? Can't we just want good things for everyone? I have some news for you.
You will not take any of your possessions or precious money with you when you die. All you will leave behind is your legacy and what you did to help others.
I would hope that if you were ever in need someone would lend a helping hand and not bother to ask you what country you where born in.

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