Stop The Thumb Sucking Now With Mavala Stop (Product Review)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Since my now 4-year-old son was three months old, he's sucked his thumb.

It's rare that we can find a photo of him without his thumb being in the vicinity of his mouth; not always in but definitely nearby at the ready!

My husband and I have tried everything to get him to stop this horrible habit: promises of rewards, pepper, Tabasco name it, we tried it.

Taking into consideration that my now 13-year-old sucked his two middle fingers until he was three (stopping on his own), we even tried waiting it out.

However, after doing plenty of research, I learned it is an absolute must that children stop sucking their thumb by time their permanent front teeth are coming in; which is typically around the age of 5.

Not to mention that I really didn't want to send a kid off to kindergarten still sucking his thumb.

After all of our other efforts appeared to be fruitless, I decided to give some "reminder fluid" a try.

Searching all of the information out there on "reminder fluids" and reading personal reviews on each product, I opted for the Mavala Stop for Nail Biting and Thumb Sucking.

Wow! Is this stuff amazing! Hindsight makes me wish I'd saved all the trial and error and started at this point.

Just minutes after applying the first coat, I saw a streak of little person running to the refrigerator to grab some water. It tasted that horrible!

Since the first time I applied the stuff to his thumb, he's never sucked it again. Just to ensure the breaking of this orally unhealthy habit, I applied it a few more times but it really wasn't necessary.

Mavala Stop is easy to use: paint on thumb as you would nail polish, dries clear within seconds. Although the smell and taste is horrendous, it is non-toxic and safe for consumption.

You can purchase this miracle product at Amazon from a variety of sellers for as low as $8.50 USD.


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