Book Review: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Monday, June 1, 2009

Libby Day was but a 7-year-old child when her mother and sisters were brutally murdered on their Kinnakee, Kansas farm.

Although she escaped with her life, that wasn't true for her emotional and mental state.

And now 24 years later, with her life a mess around her, Libby has been forgotten and the pity cash she received from strangers has stopped rolling in.

But before she gives actual employment a try, there's a last ditch effort to make some fast cash: play detective for a small, secret society known as Kill Club.

To earn this money Libby must resurrect the ghosts of the past; including meeting with her brother Ben; the one who stands tried and convicted of his family's murder and is currently serving a life sentence behind bars.

Sometimes it's best to let sleeping dogs lie; as Libby learns when she finds herself facing harsh realities about her family that she was sheltered from as a child - and finds herself in the sights of a killer....again.

Dark Places is a fast-paced read, with gripping, riveting present to past chapter alterations that make this book difficult to put down.

For only a second time author, Gillian Flynn produces an awesome thriller that leaves even the most critical of readers wanting more.


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