Hey Teach, I Wanna Know- (Small Talk Six)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Come join in the fun each Saturday for Mom Dot's Small Talk Six; where participants are asked to list six sentences, six photos, or six paragraphs on a specified subject.

From the Mom Dot website: "All you need to do is...make a short (or an elaborate) post on your blog in response to the assigned topic of the week...When your post is live, come leave your direct link on Mr. Linky and then go see how the other participants responded on their blogs."

This week's topic is 6 things you always wondered about any of your teachers or professors when you were in school:

  1. My high school creative writing teacher was a large woman. She constantly talked about how she enjoyed being - using her words - fat. I always wondered if this wasn't her way of just her way of dealing with what had probably been a series of failed diets and other weight loss methods.

  2. My first year Spanish teacher in high school was also a lunch room attendant. She seemed obsessed with making sure there was no napkins left on the table (while other things caught her attention, she seriously focused on napkins) following a lunch period. I always wondered what it was about napkins that really seemed to stick in her craw.

  3. I always wondered when my elementary school gym teacher would be caught as some kind of perv. While I never saw him do anything, the exercises he had us do and his "looks" at us during girls' gym classes just always made me (and others) suspect. To this day, he's still teaching and never been busted on perviness.

  4. My Driver's Ed teacher always begged me to stop singing along with the radio (I sing horribly). He would change the stations and, if I didn't know a song, I'd hum along till I could pick it up. I loved driving him crazy with this. Why didn't he just turn off the radio?

  5. Why did my high school biology teacher let all of us on the left side (her left) of the classroom carry on during class. Sure, we knew she was deaf in her left ear - but I realize now, 18 years later, she wasn't blind? Was she just humoring us?

  6. My high school American History teacher was always "adjusting himself" in front of the class. I always wondered - had it become such a habit he didn't realize he was so blatantly doing it? Was he that uncouth? Was it that uncomfortable that it was worth the sideways glances, the snickers?

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ahappyhippy mom May 3, 2009 at 5:30 AM  

Its funny how teachers leave such a large impression! I can remember my sixth grade history teacher like it was yesterday. He use to carry a small flask in his coat and take a nip every so often! LOL!

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