Tuesday Tribute: Carhops at Sonic Drive In

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Each week, give a shout out to someone (or something) that you think deserves recognition (be it good or bad) with a Tuesday Tribute.

I'm doing a Tuesday Tribute this week to the carhops at my local Sonic Drive-In.

Every single day I show up at this retro-yet-modernized fast food joint for a large Dr. Pepper.

Why every day? Because my local Sonic has a perfect (stress on "perfect") blend of syrup and CO2. Add that to the crushed ice and styrofoam cups...a large drink will last half the day!

But, Dr. Pepper aside, the carhops at my local Sonic are AWESOME!

Being there everyday, we've got to know each other pretty well. You know what they say, though, about familiarity, right? It can breed contempt...at times.

That's never the case, however. These girls are always friendly and upbeat. The ones I have gotten to know very well will ask about my children and, when I was pregnant, they always asked how I was feeling. And when I had gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy, they joked around as they brought me Diet Dr. Pepper.

On several occasions, a few of the girls joked with me or my husband (who often runs out and grabs my daily refreshment) that they would know when the baby was born because there would be a sudden switch from diet to regular.

These carhops also don't lollygag around either. You often see them bustling from car to car, delivering orders at break-neck speeds! So this also insures that I'll get my order quickly.

And last, I really appreciate these girls' patience. In this day of plastic, Sonic installed those self-service credit/debit card on the menu boards. Unfortunately, when using this method of payment, the receipt offers you no means to leave a tip as often found in other dining establishments. Just because it's fast food doesn't mean they don't deserve a tip. After all, they bring your order to you, so that's very deserving of a tip!

But those silly machines don't recognize that. So when I'm stuck paying by this method it's usually because I'm cash poor. But never without fail do I still receive a smile or friendly conversation (and they know before they deliver that I've paid by debit card). So I always make sure I include a much added bonus with the next purchase and tip.

Overall, I love this place! I've been so often the Carhops are very much like friends, even though we never associated outside of the daily business transaction.

So here's to the Sonic carhops who bust their humps making sure my Dr. Pepper addiction is fulfilled quickly and easily every day!

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♥georgie♥ April 14, 2009 at 2:36 PM  

oooo i ♥ sonic happy hour...I am on my way right now for a dr pepper with vanilla...it is just what the Dr ordered!

texasholly April 14, 2009 at 8:58 PM  

MMmmmmm...I love Sonic too. I am addicted to the Cherry Limeade. I agree about the ice. Perfect.

Have you tried the Dublin Dr. Pepper that uses real sugar? There are a few restaurants around here that serve that which is really amazing once you get a taste for it.

Oh, and the new cherry Dr. Pepper is GREAT.

I think that is all the Dr. Pepper knowledge I have at this time...

Halftime Lessons April 15, 2009 at 6:48 AM  

Oh, chocolate shakes, yo. LOVE me some Sonic!!


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